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The Best Solution: Payrolling

At Construction Trade Staffing, located in Orchard Park, NY, we make it easy to cover your high liability employees. We are a local agency that is fully insured throughout the USA for all the Comp & Liability Insurance. Our team can handle all payroll responsibilities, and you can save money by bundling payroll and insurance services into one service. We are not a professional employer organization (PEO); we take care of the insurance burden. So, whether you have one person or an entire staff or department, we offer payrolling and insurance services throughout the continental USA.

If your company has an issue with how to cover employees for Comp and General Liability insurance or has problems with Workers Comp Insurance, make Construction Trades Staffing your next call!

For more information about how we can help you take the next step in your career or how we can match your company with the perfect candidate, contact us today at 716-204-7555.

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